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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
BBC Announces Call For Comedy Scripts Centered On Transgender Characters (Open To All)

The BBC has put out a call for new comedy scripts that promote positive portrayals of Transgender people in mainstream comedy.

The call is through its Writersroom initiative, which was set up to promote new writing talent.

Callinf it the Trans Comedy Award, the deadline for entries is February 28, and will pay a writer or writers up to£5,000 (about $7,900) to develop a pilot.

The BBC says it looking for original sitcoms, comedy dramas or sketch shows featuring transgender characters and/or themes – written for television.

At the heart of it all is the writer, and at BBC Writersroom it is our passion to find the most exciting writers, voices and stories that might not have been heard and then support them as they work in partnership across the BBC,” said the BBC’s creative director of new writing, Kate Rowland.

Rowland will judge the award along with BBC head of creative resources Ian Critchley, executive producer for BBC Comedy Jon Plowman and an as yet unnamed comedy writer or actor.

By the way, the challenge is open to writers across the globe, BUT with one caveat:

If you are not currently a UK resident you can still submit but, if selected, the UK must be your place of residence for at least two years from the end of May 2013. This is required in order that selected scripts can be developed in conjunction with the BBC as per the current average timeline for development.

So, yes, you can submit from wherever you are, but if your script is selected, be prepared to move to the UK in May, where you’ll live for at least 2 years. If that’s cool with you, then, give it a go.

Click HERE to read the full terms and conditions of the competition.

Good luck!

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